IFDB -> Trollololol

That all his posts look to be through anonymous proxies might be a hint in this direction, too.

Now I look into it, “Stefan” and “weird plankton” also seem to be new users who mysteriously favour anonymous proxies.

I think - hope - you’re probably reading too much into it. Many people nowadays seem to enjoy being as anonimous as possible, simply because this big place called the internet is full of silent trackers, and personal space is at a premium. Maybe they are just very serious about keeping private.

To be honest, neither of the two first people in this discussion seem remotely trollish, or seem like they’d have any reason to hide their identities in order specifically to start trouble. The third one, I don’t remember seeing.

I’m sensing you’re a troll about to be hit with a great big ban hammer.

“Weird plankton” is the anagram of Andrew Plotkin that I discovered.

If as a mod you have questions concerning my behaviour here, could you please show me the courtesy of adressing those questions directly at me, instead of discussing me with third parties in my presence, which is rather rude.

God, I wish your name wasn’t LGBT.

Welcome to my foe list.

Can I be on that list too plz k thx!

Yes! First on Pudlo’s foe list! Do I get a special prize?

I’m sorry, but you’ve lost me. Those are my initials. Leonard is my name.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

If someone placed everyone else in their foe list, what would happen? Would they go through some kind of interdimensional portal into a universe where everyone wears goatees?

(Looks into mirror.)

Oh boy. Guess I’m in the “evil” Star Trek universe. Quick - put me on your foe list, maybe that will send me back!!

Could someone explain to me what’s going on here?

It’s not going to be me.

Craftian: :smiley:

Assuming it’s a real question, it means the posts by your foes will not be visible to you.

LGBT: I very much doubt you don’t know, but hey, feel free to check.


I know a guy whose initials are BDSM. Doesn’t affect our perception of the guy in one whit, but we don’t have to pretend we don’t know what it means.

I have a friend whose initials are SEXYPIG. True story. He has strange parents. Gets a few funny looks when he posts on forums.

Yeah. I think I bumped my head a few times when I fell off the turnip truck. All of these acronyms are confusing me.

That’s a lot of names for a single person.

Those games should be removed from the IFDB. Imagine you’re twelve and your essay is made public only to be ridiculed by total strangers. A little empathy, that’s all it takes.

You strike me as a coffee drinker. I drink herbal extracts. They help me calm my nerves. That and yoga.

Steven Edward Xylophone Yohann Parrot Ian Globsnotter is a man of many names.