IFDB listing before festival?

Are we allowed to create a listing for our game before the comp begins?

And even if we are allowed, does that break the spirit of it?


I’m assuming as long as the listing doesn’t actually link to a playable game file, then no, technically it wouldn’t violate the rules.

This bit from the Spring Thing Submission Instructions:


After the entry due date, it will take a few days for me to verify submissions and get the festival website ready to go live. Please do not release your game elsewhere until the festival officially opens. I’ll notify all authors when this happens: the target date is Tuesday, April 5th.

It leads me to believe it’d probably be a little in contrast to the spirit of the contest.

Also, if the game weren’t a back garden entry, someone could argue the listing was an indirect attempt to canvas for votes.

Then again, I’m not @aaronius , so I’ll defer to him.

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I don’t see any problem with getting your IFDB listing up in advance, but (as Pinkunz mentioned) don’t link it to a live version of the game before the festival opens, please.

There’s nothing in the rules that prevents you from promoting your game before or during (or after) the festival: we just ask that you do so respectfully where fellow entrants are concerned.


Thank you Aaron. I like to have first dibs on the appearance of my IFDB entry.

Maybe this makes it go a bit unnoticed when the rest of the entries are made by the comp organizer or someone else…but now it’s done, anyway.

By the way, can anyone tell me how to find my game’s IFID from Borogove? I have looked in the Inform 7 documentation but am not sure what to do.


The IFID should show up in the output of the version command.


That’s it, thanks.