IFDB/IFarchive needs a couple of days and I need it now!


Here’s the surprise I mentioned for the big post-comp convo.


tKatC-SE.z8 (399 KB)

It’ll be on IFDB as soon as IFarchive approves it.


I have not played the original The King and the Crown, so could you explain what is different? (In the game it is mentioned that the walkthrough-section was adapted from an earlier written document. Are there other changes/additions?)

[spoiler]I was mildly taken aback by things like

where I would have expected multiple actions(opening/unlocking, taking the item) to be done after one other automatically. But maybe that is just me being spoiled ^^’.[/spoiler]

I love the custom error messages, by the way! :slight_smile:

(And the fart jokes. And the dragon-slaying.)

Also, I believe the your attention is suddently drawn to X works very well in a game like this, and it was a great ride to just follow these attention-presented objects around for a while.

Although the game is of course short, I find your writing to be very enjoyable, and I love the way the endings are structured. They really add an extra layer of depth to this otherwise very lighthearted game.

I really do hope that you’ll get around to writing/finishing your novel! :wink:


Thanks! :smiley: that’s so awesome to hear. ^^

the new things are:

  • the attention drawing
  • a few new items
  • a menu
  • few layout changes
  • ascii art intro
  • the documentation that was in a .pdf is now included in the game file, and has spoiler warnings (even in their titles, if memory serves)
  • minor bugfixes

really happy you enjoyed it :slight_smile: