IFDB: How to contact with them

I was trying to login to the IFDB where some time ago I created an account, but It does not recognice my email (or perhaps I was using onother I can’t remember).

Is there a way to contact with some admin there to see if they can help me?

I did not see any email or “contact me” link there… : /


Some of them are regularly on the board. I’m not sure who’s an admin, but I know since Michael Roberts handed it off, it’s been more of a community effort, and people have been able to help with neat features here and there.

The “contact us” seems to be at the bottom of the front page. I’d guess they’d have to take some precautions to make sure you’re you, even though you’ve been active here.

Contacting Us or Lost Password look like good places to start, the second especially if you have a whole list of emails you remember using.

Hope you manage to log in and join the cool kids’ club! I mean, you’re already sort of in it, just by entering ParserComp, but … um, yeah, you know what I mean, I think.



I feel a bit stupid not finding the obvious place for “contatct us”, sorry @.@

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Well, we all can overlook stuff! It’s better to ask the question now than to ask later, or worse, not find it at all. I have questions on Inform 7 that I realize I’ve kept under wraps for years, and once I asked them and got answers, it boosted me in unexpected ways even if the answers made me feel I should’ve seen htat.

I was actually shocked to find how many users seemed to have signed up to IFDB when I looked for the contact page. So that was neat too.

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