IFDB: games not found by IFID?

I’ve noticed that when I search for games by IFID (when trying to add them to a poll), the game title does come up, eg:

Vote => Game Title, by Game Author

but if I then click ‘Vote’ I’m told: The selected game was not found in the database. TUID does work though.

The world will probably keep spinning if this isn’t fixed, but just thought I’d report it anyway…

The best thing to do with IFDB suggestions and bug reports is to post them on the IFDB GitHub suggestions page: GitHub - iftechfoundation/ifdb-suggestion-tracker: Bugs and feature requests for a future IFDB update

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The issue has been reported now: Can’t add game to poll using IFID · Issue #361 · iftechfoundation/ifdb-suggestion-tracker (github.com)