IFDB Database Performance Issues

Over the past few days, we’ve rolled out a bunch of query performance improvements. Here are the highlights;

There are still just a couple slow queries left. https://github.com/iftechfoundation/ifdb-suggestion-tracker/labels/slow%20query We’ll continue to whack these moles over time.


The mariadb process is taking significantly less CPU now. Hovering between 10% and 40%, at a very quick glance, where it was jammed over 100% a few weeks ago.

So you’re fixing the right things. :)


I had just noticed earlier today that IFDB was no longer feeling as crunchy. Thanks!

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Does it show games that you’ve marked “not interested”?

It does for me.

I don’t know how it would affect performance, but it would make sense to me to exclude the “not interested” games from recommendations.

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Nice, it feels a lot faster.

To be clear, I don’t know if it’s meant to; I just tested it out and found that it did. But if that’s not a bug, I agree that it would be a good idea to exclude those from the recommendations too.

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The query is designed to exclude games that you’ve reviewed, wishlisted, played, or marked as “not interested.” I don’t reproduce the issue you reported where a game you marked “not interested” showed up.

EDIT: Wait, I spoke too soon. I believe it should be correctly personalized for you now.


Yes, it seems to be working as intended for me now!