IFDB 100 club--a few games that are close

There aren’t that many recent games on IFDB with 100 review or more.

Only 4 games released in the last decade have reached that many reviews: Birdland, Counterfeit Monkey, my father’s long long legs, and Howling Dogs.

But now a few newer games are getting close! The Wizard Sniffer is up to 99, and Superluminal Vagrant Twin is up to 97. Both are phenomenal games, so check them out; maybe you’ll be the 100th rating!

Here’s a list of games in the last decade, sorted by number of ratings:


I already rated Wizard Sniffer so I can’t be of help there, but I haven’t yet played (and therefore rated) any of the games on the first page of that Search (from 97 ratings down).

Superluminal Vagrant Twin, Toby’s Nose, Coloratura, Eat Me are but a few of the parsers that have been waiting in line.
And I really have to get up to speed with the Twine classics like Bogeyman and Creatures such as We.

Thanks for the nudge.


Surely, you meant 100 ratings, not reviews. 100 reviews would be a hell of a lot.


So, modifying @mathbrush’s search string to this:

published:2012- #reviews:15-1000

Shows us that only one game has received more than 15 reviews this decade, which would be Counterfeit Monkey, of course (19 reviews).

Adjusting the search shows only 20 games in the last 10 years with 10 or more reviews.

If you aren’t worried about when, the king of reviews (no one makes 100) is 9:05 with 52 reviews, and Lost Pig on its tail with 50 reviews.

As for all-time # of ratings, Photopia is king, with 525 ratings, followed by 9:05 with 501 ratings.