IFComp vs downloaded look and feel

Hi all,

Preparing my entry for IFComp.

When I download the zip containing the “website” generated by Inform and run it locally from within my browser, it looks different than when I run it in preview mode from the IFComp site.

In the IFComp site, I see the game in the center of the page, with left and right white filler.
In the offline site, I see the game in the center of the page (but with different coloring), with on the left hand side the name of the game and a download link to the ulx file.

Is it possible to make this more consistent and integrate the artwork my artist created for the game? e.g. have left and right side of the game some artwork displayed instead of white filler and/or game name+link and small cover art?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, first time I am building a release…


Are you uploading the zip to the IFComp site or just the story file?

If I remember correctly, there is a setting allowing you to specify if you’re uploading a standalone file or a full site (which includes home page, interpreter and story file).

Rule of thumb is, if you are providing a themed homepage or have a styled interpreter, go with website, otherwise the story file (ulx/blorb) will do.

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not (only ?) a setting, but also, and with more flexibility, the “release along” construct (WI 25.10)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

If you can do some HTML and CSS, then you can release with a website of your own design. I don’t know how to do that, so just changing colors was a big deal for me.

I haven’t seen a lot of custom templates floating around.

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