IFComp releasing with a website

I’m submitting an I7 game to IFComp this year. I’m pretty sure that last time I chose the “release along with a website” option, but I can’t remember for certain. The main advantage of doing this is being able to customise the look of the web page, I guess, which I haven’t really done. But are there any disadvantages? Will the IFComp transcript still work if releasing with a website?


It doesn’t have access to the transcripts if you do it that way, but a few years ago I was able to find the code that records the transcripts and copy it into the inform-generated website and it worked just fine.

I’d personally recommend “with an interpreter” over “with a website” because the website just adds an extra landing page that lets you download the blorb and feelies along with playing online. But the IFComp website itself already lets you download stuff separately, so it’s kind of redundant. It’s not a huge difference but I personally prefer interpreter only and no website. Some people probably feel the opposite way!


This sounds like it would be really good common knowledge! I’m not sure who should put it where, but it’s worthwhile to know, so others don’t have to spend time on it as well.

I’ve always gone with

release along with the "parchment" interpreter

And then sent a ZIP file with the web page(s) etc. in, because I wanted to make sure I tested the web interface with no disasters. I’m not big on the web interface, but if other people like it, I want ot to be the best it can be.

I admit I’m having trouble finding which template IFComp uses. This would be a neat thing to clear up.


The transcript code is injected into Parchment/Quixe sites so you should still get the same access to them as if you’d uploaded only the storyfile.

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to test this before the submission deadline?

I’ve got a custom website with a recent version of parchment, would love to get transcripts, but as far as I can tell transcripts aren’t being collected… I don’t see any web requests being made or transcripts listed in the place that the website lists transcripts.

You should be able to test it via the comp website. You can also look at the HTML to check the transcript code is being injected.

Which version of I7 are you using? I don’t think transcripts will work with 6G60, but I didn’t mention it cause I assume new games won’t be written in it.

6M62! In case it’s relevant, I’m using Release along with cover art, a "Custom" website, the "Parchment" interpreter, and the solution. The website is based on the standard template, but with some changes to keep things to a one-column layout and mess with the CSS. “Parchment” is the stock parchment interpreter, but I think I updated the version from the older one that shipped with inform. Happy to provide more info if that helps!

You should see something like this in the HTML for your play page on the IFComp site:

if (parchment_options) {
    parchment_options.recording_url = '/play/1000/transcribe'
    parchment_options.recording_format = 'simple'

Hmmm… I don’t see anything like that injected, but that looks like enough detail that I could do what @mathbrush suggested above and fill it in manually. Will see if it works!

Oh dear, I’ve just confirmed that the injection code isn’t working. Will try to fix ASAP!


Well, the injection code sometimes works. If you’ve already uploaded a Parchment .zip, but the Gameplay Platform wasn’t set to Quixe or Parchment, then it won’t inject anything (which is as expected.) Changing the platform after uploading does not run the injection code. But if you reupload the .zip, then the injection code will work. So check the platform is correct and then try reuploading the .zip.


I did this and now everything works perfectly. Thank you!

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Hrmph. Releasing with an interpreter seems to produce exactly the same result as releasing with a website - it still makes a an index.html and a play.html. Should I just leave those out of the .zip file when I upload it?

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If you delete index.html, there will be only a single .html file in the root directory, so the IFComp website will display that one.


Thank you!

My game is now uploaded. I’m exhausted.