IFComp (probable) release needs betatesters!

I’m halfway through the Ifcomp release of this year. I’m not exactly sure I will be able to release it in time, so I’m getting ahead of schedule by trying and have the first half tested and proofread.

Anyone interested?

Sci-fi, some easy puzzle, some storytelling.

Pm or write me at minnocenti(simbolinostrano)kidstudio(dot)it.


I would really, really like to test your game, but I really, really shouldn’t. I have a few commitments that I’ve been neglecting too much. If you keep us updated about your testing status, I might be able to volunteer in a little over a week, but I think you will probably have enough testers by then.

Is it another Andromeda game? Even if it’s not, I can’t wait to play it! Sorry that I can’t help right now.

There will be plenty of time, no worry :slight_smile:
Thank for the half commitment :slight_smile:

You doing a game for my comp works as two hundred and seventy six betatestings. Thx for the support.
Your question will be answered on September 30th, if I understand how to code my next puzzle :slight_smile:

I need MORE testers!

Please :slight_smile:

The game seems too hard at the beginning even for non-novices. Please apply, you will be rewarded with a 32-toothed smile!

[Still half game, FWY]

You know I’m up for it, just drop me a line :smiley: