IFComp historical vote statistics are back

Hi folks,

I’m happy to report that I’ve made detailed vote statistics from past Interactive Fiction Competitions available once more, starting with the 1999 comp: ifcomp.org/comp/1999.

Stephen Granade, Mark Musante, and Dan Shiovitz collected and crunched these numbers over all those past years; I merely make them visible again, after hiding them for a while behind last year’s redesign. (The delay came, in part, because I knew I wanted to present entries’ statistics differently than before, but wished to wait until last year’s competition came to an end before deciding how.)

You can find a handful of other IFComp announcements on the competition’s blog: blog.ifcomp.org. Other than that, please return your attention to ParserComp, Spring Thing, the XYZZYs, or another wonderful interactive text event of your choice for another month or three…

Yay! Thank you!

Fantastic, thank you!

The graphs are nice! But the tooltip is a bit odd. Would it be possible to change “series 1” to say “votes”?

Thanks for the reminder, Dannii; I’d forgotten that the tooltips needed more work. I just updated them to be a bit more contextually sensical ("[X] judges gave this game a rating of [Y].")

The “Series 1” thing is the default tooltip of the Highcharts JavaScript library, which enables the magic in question.