Ifcomp games are up! Long Live IF!

Someone estimated that there are 55 games available. I counted about 24 parser games, but some are unlabelled. I guess this means that recent trends have turned around, and both parser and choice games are doing great.

I count 54 games, but maybe I’m off by one. I really like the website, especially the personalized shuffle order. Very nice! Thanks to Jason McIntosh and everyone else who is running behind the scenes this year.

I did a quick count and got 55 but I’m high on mushrooms, so you might be right.

Yes! There are 55 games, according to my largely sober database.

I’ll have more to say perhaps once the initial crush is over and my server stops groaning. But for now please do visit ifcomp.org and get you some dozens of amazing short text games.

And then come back later to rate at least five of them by November 15!

Jason, you bring good luck!

Keep up the awesome job. [emote]:)[/emote]

Jason, I checked again and only counted 54, but I was looking in the downloadable package. Did a comparison with the website and discovered that Life on Mars appears to be missing from the zip file.

Uh, just one question: is there a reason why the games in the .zip are not divided by kind (parser, web etc)?

I don’t mind, but I was puzzled, at first.

Downloaded all of the games to my computer, and now I’m uploading them to Frotz for iPad… one at a time. There has to be an easier way to do this, right? I’m assuming Frotz will reject the formats it doesn’t read, but is there a way to quickly load the games onto the iPad?

Wow that’s a lot of games! This looks overwhelming in a good way (and, er, also in a “There’s no way I’m going to be able to play all these” way).

Does anyone know what the actual format of “Emily Is Away” is? The file seems to be a straight-up .zip which doesn’t tell me whether it’s something I can run.

Re iFrotz, it does have to be done one at a time, I’m afraid.

Erm, how would one go about playing Paradise?..

Also, an android-only entry is… novel (so’s a Python-only one, but it doesn’t necessitate extra hardware). Is there any way of playing Cat Scratch on a PC, does anyone know?

The update system seems to be a lot more silent now. Will there still be periodic updates announced here so that I can make sure I have an up-to-date version of any given game?

Finally, kudos - HUGE kudos - for the effort in making sure all (or as many as possible) games this year were available in a downloadable, offline format! Awesome, that.

matt w, “Emily is Away” seems to come in win-runnable and mac-runnable executables.

EDIT - I can’t do anything with a .webloc file, but I think Paradise is related to paradise.xxiivv.com, if anyone else is having trouble.

I listed the entries on IFWiki, but didn’t know all the platforms. Please feel free to add them if you know them, or fix any errors I’ve made.

ifwiki.org/index.php/21st_An … ompetition

Is the sticky in the Competitions forum from the 2014 Comp for review listings going to be re-used or will there be a new one made?

Gah - thanks for letting me know about iFrotz. I’ll play them on the computer.

For me, Life on Mars IS in the file, but I can’t extract it (gives me an error). Possibly because the folder name is “Life On Mars?”, ? included.

Is anyone else seeing this? It’s in there, but I think the question mark in the title (fully “Life on Mars?”) may be confusing some operating systems or zip extractors.

Regarding Android, there are free emulators for PC and Mac. I’ll have to test one when I get home.

Thanks Peter!

Ooh, I didn’t know that. This might be more generally useful.

…well, the main use I can think of involves playing a bunch of games that I’ve bought Android versions of on my computer, except I’ve also bought versions of them that run on my computer. Still, it might come in handy sometime.

bg–Thanks! That’s useful especially in sorting through the platforms.

Yep, extracting on Windows with WinRar gives “incorrect folder name” and refuses to extract it :confused: It extracts the rest fine though. I wouldn’t have guessed…

Well, me neither. (Clearly.)

I’ll rub out the question mark and re-upload later tonight. Thanks!