IFComp game about cooking for aliens, involving an alien language?

Hoping someone can remember what I can’t: at some time, likely 5-10 or so years ago, there was an IFComp parser-based game in which one was a chef who had to prepare alien dishes… maybe the context was an intergalactic cooking competition, maybe it was in service to some sort of diplomatic event. There was a recipe book with ingredients in an alien language, I’m pretty sure.

I liked it and wanted to get back to it… does this ring a bell for anyone?


Are you thinking of Naomi Hinchen’s 2014 entry called Tea Ceremony? (I haven’t played it, but I think it does involve serving refreshments to aliens in a diplomatic context.)


That’s the one! Thanks, Otis. My memory had warped it somewhat…


Just want to share that I misread that as:

…game about cooking aliens…

Instead of:

And now I can’t get the game I first envisioned out of my head.

As you were.


I’d play that. When’s the scheduled release date?

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