IFComp cover art aspect ratio?

Sorry for the dumb question, but what is the aspect ratio for the IFComp cover art is it 1:1 (ie square) ?

Also any recommended size, eg 1024x1024 ?

Oddly, I couldn’t find an answer to this, and it’s not mentioned in the guidelines either.



Looking at the previous entries, there’s no one size. Some cover art a 1:1, others are 16:9.
Last year, I used the itch cover art ratio of 630x500.


Oh? Many looked square to me. Perhaps you’re right.

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I quite like 4:3. I might go with that then.


The Blorb specification suggests using square cover images, as “[t]his allows interpreters to display frontispieces in a systematic way, scaling them to fit a layout, without wasting screen space,” but there are plenty of exceptions to this rule.


Thanks. so it looks like square is a good choice for blorb games.


There are guidelines for cover art in The Treaty of Babel in section 2.1.2.:


Hey thanks for posting that. A fascinating read.

Turns out it only really mandates cover art between 1:2 and 2:1 but recommends square.

I laughed at the 960 pixel size. This is hilariously out of date. I would suggest specifying the image size in inches or mm and the image files supplied to contain a DPI.


Off topic, but does Inform still enforce a maximum of 1200 x 1200 pixels? It would be nice to be able to make larger cover art for high-dpi screens these days.


Indeed. this is rather low, especially for today’s 4K laptop screens.


It does indeed. I designed my cover art in 1920×1080 and had to scale it down for Inform to accept it.

It also has some assumptions it makes about the “small cover” but I don’t know if those are documented anywhere.


For Inform’s purposes, the website it makes scales cover art down to a large thumbnail square that’s in the sidebar, so it may not make sense to produce the Cover asset too much larger, though if you click it will show the full-size art. I think if you show pictures inline as figures they can be bigger.

Be aware you can also create Small Cover which can be a different image, say if your logo doesn’t make sense or is not readable at small size you can choose a better crop or thumbnail image.

Cover art for a work should be prepared in either JPEG (“.jpg”) or PNG (“.png”) format, and we recommend that it should be square, like a music album cover. Programs which notice the cover art for a work of IF are likely to scale this up or down as convenient for their own display purposes, but it would be helpful to provide the original art at 960 by 960 resolution. The cover art must not be smaller than 120 pixels in either dimension.

I think I always followed that and made Small Cover 120x120px. If you don’t provide Small Cover, it will scale Cover down appropriately.


if you click it will show the full-size art. I think if you show pictures inline as figures they can be bigger

Also, some standalone interpreters such as Zoom and Spatterlight will optionally show the cover art before the game begins. At least on my screen, standard-sized cover art images tend to look either a little small or a little low-resolution, depending on how much you enlarge them.