IFComp and The Rosebush 🌹

The Rosebush is always looking for content good articles, and with IF Comp starting tomorrow, it seems like a good time to call attention to how people can contribute! If you play a game during IF Comp that really gets you thinking; about which you would like to write a bit more than you’d usually put in a review; or which you’d like to compare with or relate to other works (by the same author or not)… consider turning it into an analysis for The Rosebush! :rose: :rose: :rose:

What’s an analysis? How does it differ from a review? Roughly speaking, a prototypical review doesn’t contain many spoilers and wants to inform the reader about whether they’ll enjoy the piece being reviewed or not. A prototypical analysis is very spoilery indeed and wants to increase the reader’s understanding of the piece being reviewed. There’s a lot of grey area, of course. Many of the more substantive ‘reviews’ being posted here on the forum during comp time come close to being ‘analyses’ in our sense. (Or just are analyses.)

The Rosebush aims to publish articles that are 1500+ words. If you want to write a 5000 word beast like my article on Christminster, be my guest, but you really don’t have to!

We like to publish stuff that hasn’t been published before, so take a little care when you decide what to publish here on the forum. If you’re planning to turn your thoughts about game A into an article, maybe don’t write a review here, or write a relatively terse one (and say that you’re planning to write about it in a longer form later).

If you have any questions, or want to submit an article, or want to talk about a pitch, contact one of the editors! You can use the Rosebush website, but you can also mail or DM one of us. And we are many:

Aster Fialla
Benjamin Slade
Daniel Stelzer
Josh Grams
Kiana Lee
Lisa Fox
Mike Preston 
Mike Russo
Victor Gijsbers

So you can choose whoever of us is least scary. :ghost:


(lowkey hoping someone ranks the editors from most to least scary)