IFComp 2024 planning to enter

OTOH, I have already given my permission for derivative works on Railei, (with the proviso of a complimentary copy) but I reiterate that I recommend to wait until the basic canon is established, late 2026…

Said that, I’m undecided about partecipating in '24 or '25 but I surely don’t partecipate in '26…

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Thanks @Deuslrae for your feedback, this is very helpful.

Thinking about what i will need and not need, I will need to use the word “Dalek” and have a picture of a Dalek (like the ones above). Having said that, none of the environments these appear in will be anything from the series or have other copyright.

So there will be Daleks in new compositions, not any scenes from the show.

I will also need to refer to the player as “the Doctor”. He/She will have an assistant that won’t be anyone from the show.

The story is completely new. It’s not a derivative of any existing Dr Who plot. Except, obviously the Daleks plan to conquer the universe (as you’d expect!).

I have some 3D scenes inside the Tardis, which have been created by fans and put out for non-commercial use. I don’t need to use them, because most of the game is “On location”. But it would be cool to include some.

Otherwise, it’s also an interactive story. Of course. Which i think really lends something to the idea of Dr Who - where there are a number of “cliff hangers” in which the Dr has to overcome. These work nicely into interactive form and make for great choice options.

About 30 mins gameplay. 6 major scenes with dialogue. Choice and Parser input.


I won’t make the new deadline, so I may just have two Spring Thing games next year. I’ll probably make an announcement soon for the kind people who have enjoyed my stuff in the past. Best of luck to everyone planning to enter!


Now that I’ve handed it off to testers, work on my IFComp game is paused and it’s driving me crazy. But I’m sure when I get transcripts back I’ll have more than enough to work on. Meanwhile I need to make cover art.


As a writer who has written some fan fiction in the past, the posted Comp rules are still confusing to me.

  1. Entries may not infringe on other works’ copyrights.
  2. Pursuant to IFTF tradition, an entry may be a transformative work, such as a […] fan-fiction.

Fan Fiction technically has always infringed on IP (Intellectual Property). It doesn’t matter if it’s commercial or free. Whether or not fan fiction is transformative is still very much disputable in the legal community. In the meantime, the gray answer still comes down to the likelihood of any copyright enforcement.

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Thanks, comrade “C” !
(who get the quote ? :wink: )

It’s all about the likelihood of copyright enforcement. In Japan, a rather strict country about copyright, fanfiction is a notable exception, and there’s even major conventions on fanfiction; this because the authors see in it a major sign of appreciation from their base, and the publishers understand that is a fertile ground for headhunting new authors and artists.

on the other side of the Pacific, I think that trying to enforce copyright on major fanfiction (read: star trek) is a sure fire way for ensuring a massive backslash…

In europe, fan fiction is relatively marginal, because is perceived as “lack of creativity” (a major criticism in Italy and France…) nothwistanding the tradition of “stock character” harking back to the days of the Roman republic:

but I’m digressing… so, I put the interesting question: YR about fellow IF author fan fictions shared in our little community ? my answer is already known, so I put formally the rather interesting question on the table…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Thanks for your views. This is pretty much how I see it. Regarding IFComp (and others), I think it should be;

We allow it (ie fan-fictions) in the competitions but if you get into copyright problems, you’re on your own and we have no obligations to help you.

I think that would be fair. But i don’t make the rules :slight_smile:


I’ve got an idea for an experimental escape-the-room parser game that I think is pretty clever and hasn’t been done before.

I’m going to be really embarrassed if it turns out someone has done it, because there aren’t a lot of ways to do it.


I might be finishing my IFcomp entry soon. Which is good, since the contest is starting earlier than usual.

Lesson learnt from the Spring Thing - I’ll probably need to ask at least one member of the intfiction community to help me with beta testing before making my submission.


Wow! Fantastic work. I have my story finished, but no coding yet. Then they’ll be the testing too…


I’ve handed off the adventure to a group of beta testers. It’s crafted using Twine, featuring a parser that blends classic '80s mechanics with modern visual elements, complemented by a selection of images. I’m eager to refine the user’s final experience based on their feedback, ensuring that the adventure remains an enjoyable journey for all players.


I think I’ve decided today not to make this year my inaugural entry into IF Comp. Don’t think I can get my game done in time to a satisfactory level, but also not sure I have a year’s worth of work to do if I miss it this year! Feel like I’m in a pickle, but am leaning towards just giving myself the time I need and working on something small for another jam later.


I read your post about the annual IF Comp competition and I understand your concerns. However, I would like to encourage you to participate despite your uncertainties.
Remember, the main goal is to have fun and learn during the process. It’s not necessary for your game to be 100% perfect. Even if you feel like you don’t have a year’s worth of work to do if you miss it this year, it could be a great opportunity to receive feedback and improve.
Also, the competition is a great chance to connect with other game enthusiasts and adventurers like you. So, why not give it a try? Give yourself the chance to experiment. No matter the outcome, you will always be a winner for having tried.
I hope to see you at the competition!


You are correct about participation. I wish I could get over my feelings the IFComp is the world series of IF.


My entry is almost in its final form, or would be if I didn’t need to cut size. I’ve decided to make a comp version that is hopefully playable in two hours, and a post comp director’s cut that contains everything. But it’s hard to cut. :sob:


Finally…26,342 words later and WAY more work than I envisioned…LEMONS is ready for some serious beta testing! I probably should’ve made a simpler game for my first foray into Inform.


I am intrigued!


I have not one, but two candidates, and I’m undecided if one or both can be completed (that is, every item described, of course…), but an effort to try to enter the IFComp '24 will be done, because, for known long-term planning, is really improbable that I enter the IFComp '25, and entering the 2026 Comp is out of question.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Good luck to folks working on their games! I’m currently reworking mine after playtesting, before a final round of playtesting in July. Tonight I was fixing a couple of key bugs, which was satisfying. I really need to start thinking about cover art …


After some thought, I’m thinking of moving my entry to next year’s Spring Thing instead. I’m concerned that my game isn’t quite a good fit for the 2hr time limit (unless I cut out some of the content). Plus, there’s another project I want to work on first (which is no longer eligible for comp submission).