IFComp 2023 Predictions

Thanks for compiling all that. I’m pretty pleased I beat the model by a significant margin, even though I roughly agreed with its prediction.


Lol, well, you were spot on, FML.


High five for choice-based games beating their predicted scores by over ten places! Bali B&B, Lunium and (ahehehem) Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head all made the top ten after being predicted to trail in the high teens! Great job, Twiners!


I was at work today, having missed the official announcement thingy due to a family crisis (now mostly resolved, thank goodness), when I decided to look at the results online. I was a teensy bit worried that I wouldn’t make the top 20 after all.


I sat and glowed for about five minutes, then I went and checked again because maybe I read it wrong somehow?

And then I glowed some more.

I made the top ten as a newbie (newbie IF-er; I’d been writing novels for a very long time already) in 2016, and have been trying to get into the top ten again ever since (while watching the competition get better and better). I’m astonished that I finally made it.

I… wow. Just wow.

I still can’t quite believe it. But I believe it enough to be very, very pleased and grateful.