IFcomp 2022 reviews "on the go"

Well, a new autum brings another IFcomp. I want to write down some ideas sowed up while playing the entries.
As usual I am trying to write all the brief reviews trying to encourage players to play the games, so I am not going to give any score nor any directions to improve the games.
My intention is to show up my subjective impact and support this with some objective data collected during the game.

I apollogize about my spare time. I have very few time to play due to my new occupation work.
I will redirect my reviews from this post, listing below the link to each review in this thread.

Zero Chance of Recovery
Trouble in Sector 471

  • Jade.

P.S. I will try to upload a transcript when possible.


Zero chance of recovery.

I played and enjoyed this game in IFMUD last week testing online with Andrew S. (Thank you Andrew). We were playing the game in the middle of a brainstorming, why? Becouse this is a chess puzzle IF based on a famous chess end-game plot.
This is one of the two entries Andrew brings to this year IFcomp.
Ok then!, this is a chess problem ported to IF game, but it is not only that. This is a scene where you have to resolve a strategic battle situation. As usual from Andrew (I remember his last game about a malefical queen) this is a very well implemented game. Nevertheless I would prefer more epic literature every time I fail in the game. The theme gives it a lot of possibilities since it could be some battle in the Victorian era, Middle earth battle between orcs and dwarves, etc. This is the literature I missed here wich could improve the game giving it a soul.

No matter what I have written upwards, this is a polished game and any adventurer can enjoy it, being a chess master or a total begginer.

  • Jade.

Trouble in sector 471 by Arthur di Bianca

I played this game last sunday in IFMUD. This is a great exploring game with an original plot where we have to explore a 8x8 map and solve various puzzles.
We are a robot with few habilities capable of learning a bunch of other ones. This habilities plus our intelligence enable us to solve the situations in the game.
There are a huge bunch of other robots with some habilities and functions needed to progress in the adventure. We will get a lot of information from them.

Descriptions of the enviroment allows the game to be inmersive.

This is an inmersive game, middle difficult, full lenght, enjoyable, recommended for every adventurer.

  • Jade.