IFComp 2022 intro and Staycation question

Greetings folks. For more decades than I care to admit I have aspired to IF authorship, with all the unearned confidence of someone who hasn’t engaged in the hobby since the 90s. Thanks to some confluence of psychology and life events that I don’t have the self-awareness to parse, this turned out to be the year to make good. By way of crash-course catchup, I am commiting to judge the IFComp this year, where I hope to achieve a 3+/week pace. If you were even slightly inclined to congratulate me on my ambitions, know I am simultanously teaching myself TADS3. Meaning relevance in today’s community is going to be a struggle.

Mostly, this post is a “Hi, if it feels like suddenly a lot of questions have a 90s/00s vibe to them, I’m the reason.”

But I also have a question for Maggie H (if she is here), author of Staycation in this year’s comp. I do not see an email contact in her entry, or I would have tried that. I think there is a bug in the “You choose to ignore the cracks within your marrow.” screen that blocks progress? If it is actually an artistic statement, I’m too dense to parse it, my apologies.

That’s all for now. Once I get a few under my belt, will probably post mini reviews of my experiences from that inessential ‘man-out-of-time’ perspective. Hope I’m helping!



I can ping Maggie on Discord with the bug (if it is a bug) and let you know!


Much appreciated. If it is a quickly-fixed bug, I’d be interested in continuing the game!

Back again! Maggie said they can’t update it at the moment unfortunately. But I hope you’re able to get through the other routes/options ok!

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TADS is definitely a system in use within the community, even though there is not the quantity of games that there were in the 1990s. I look forward to seeing the product of your learning, and hope you enjoy all the IF you’ll be playing in the meantime!


Thanks all, will keep powering through on both fronts. :+1:

I’m a devoted TADS3 user, so, glad you’re joining!