IFComp 2018 predictions

  • there are +/-5 more/less games this year than last year, at most
  • the longest game title has exactly 10 words
  • the longest word in a game title has 25 letters
  • one game title will contain the word ‘cabbage’ and that’s the only game that mentions any vegetable in its title
  • there will be two joke games (in the vein of Toiletworld etc)
  • three cave crawls, seven scifi games, five murder mysteries/detective games
  • there will be a textual version of an originally graphical game
  • one game will take place in North Korea/feature Kim Jong-Un
  • one game will take place in Africa
  • two games will span a period of 200 years or more
  • five games will be finishable in five minutes
  • 34 % of the games will be parser-based
  • one of the games will feature a character named Robert Miller. He wears glasses.
  • a solution to one puzzle will be to push a blue button, a red button and a green button, in that order
  • exactly half of the parser games will recognize the command ‘xyzzy’
  • an animal will be the protagonist in three games
  • there will be jokes about Donald Trump but he doesn’t actually appear in any of the games
  • there are a number of teen angst games, 60% of which will end unhappily
  • none of the games takes place in an elderly people’s home, on a sailing-boat, in ancient Egypt or in the Polar regions
  • the following will not be featured, not even mentioned, in any of the games: giraffes, anteaters, Formula One cars, saunas, the Beatles, the planet Mercury, lingonberries, Toronto, French doors, glow sticks, the Emperor of Japan, sand paper, Ryan Seacrest.
  • 10 % of these predictions will come true

One game will contain far too much use of the word “throbbing”.

< 40% of the games will include vegetables.

More than 15 games will be dramas.

You got the first one already. Well done!