IFComp 2018 3 crypto prizes, plus bonus to puzzle solver

Hello IF lovers,
I am giving out 3 prizes to this year participants according to rules.
Each prize is 5000 Metro coins (MTR, Metrodex website).
There was a special bonus, 5000MTR, that went to the first person who figured out a puzzle (see below).

Here’s how our web-based Wallet looks (see below).

You can use ours hosted one, or you can download your own from the site, it’s a Java app. (Sorry, no Mac version yet, Mac users will have to use hosted one).
Pick “Returning User” button once you figure out the Passphrase.
Pick button with the key in the middle, highlighted on the 2nd screen image.
Enter into prompted “Your Passphrase” field the solved puzzle.

After that you will gain access to the promised 5000MTR. You can dispose of them how you wish.
Also, the MTR address that corresponds to the Passphrase will get messages occasionally that you will see in the Chat section, in the Wallet. You may respond to them :slight_smile:
After disposing of coins, or deciding not to touch them, you have a choice: share the solution or keep it to yourself and see who else will solve.

Now the puzzle itself.
On BitcoinTalk forum, I am named…
8bitssphere (but not exactly, use synonyms and imagination)
and I display the Passphrase proudly on the left, as my motto.

You can use any of our 3 nodes: node.metrodex.org, uk.metrodex.org, poland.metrodex.org - they all have HTTPS so your passphrases are safe!

I have not voted in IFComp for the past several years, and I don’t currently plan to vote this year.

That’s OK, I will use other notable judge’s opinion if you don’t change your mind this year.

Congratulations for MTR-NUQB-TX6P-Y344-HCP4-8WW3-WXS8 :nerd:
Please stay in touch, there may be more puzzles to solve!
Metro has “messages” feature, and one message costs only 1MTR… as well as almost any other “simple” transaction.

Hey – yeah, you didn’t discuss this with me at all, which probably would have been a good idea. :slight_smile: I don’t have time to play all the games this year and I stopped doing a full review set several years back. Even if that were not the case, I would feel weird about having my personal preference get used as a prize basis in this way.

I apologize for the weirdness!
I am just a fan of zarf’s programming and emshort’s blog and Counterfeit Monkey and the whole series of fairytale adaptation games.
I think you two and Graham Nelson are the most important persons for parser games.
Disclaimer: Neither zarf nor emshort endorse Metro!

Having said that, now let’s get to the 2nd puzzle.
It’s a bit untrivial, and the reward is just 1000MTR.
Somewhere on the web, as of timestamp of this post, there is a phrase
Overcoming the confusion of money with wealth will bring abundance of unseen proportions
Can you find it and post the URL here? along with your MTR address.
This is kind of a cornerstone for the project, to make guessing easier.
Adding a new page obviously doesn’t qualify :sunglasses:

Here’s the deal. Since zarf and emshort withdrew their judgement for this, or I failed to ask nicely :frowning: I will pick 3 winners myself, each in 3 categories:

Technical Excellence: to qualify, story must be polished end-user wise, be opensourced, written in Inform 7/mix of Inform 7 and 6 with superb quality of code. Innovative world models like in “When in Rome” mini-series are especially welcome.

Society Impact: story must deal with an important issue, causing behaviour or consciousness change (or having potential for such change).

Quality of Writing: category title is self-explanatory; I expect works like last year’s “Eat Me!” if not necessarily as grotesque…

P.S. I would still welcome anyone’s informed recommendations, especially zarf’s and emshort’s :wink: