IFComp 2016 review links thread

As usual, you can find reviews of this year’s IFComp entries on the IFComp 2016 page at IFWiki.

If you are reviewing any IFComp games, please consider linking to your reviews in this thread and/or on the IFWiki page. Links posted in this thread will be added to IFWiki eventually.

I’ve been bad about reviews for the past few comps, but this year I turn it around! Reviews are at http://aprilmarchgb.blogspot.com/search/label/IFComp

I have a few informal reviews here: eristhenia.net/category/ifcomp-2016/

I plan to review IFComp 2016 games, and have done a blurb review post so far. Link is here! hannahpowellsmith.wordpress.com … comp-2016/


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Well, I see there’s already a link at IFWiki, but I’ll post it in this thread, too, just for the sake of having everything in one place.

You can find my reviews in the forum thread here.

My reviews are starting to go up.

Mine are here.


My RockPaperShotgun column describes a few games, and will cover more in the future: rockpapershotgun.com/tag/if-only/

heehee I’d hoped you wouldn’t completely keep away! :smiley:

I’ve been doing some at http://www.wurb.com/stack/.

Audio podcast THE SHORT GAME up reviewing IFComp. They did two episodes last year.

Owlor put together a nifty spreadsheet of comp reviews organized by the game/work reviewed and the reviewer:

docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

Owlor, Verityvirtue, Robin, Aschultz, Ruber, a bunch of reviewers, a bunch of authors and a bunch of random animals, to be clear.

Some of the games - Detectiveland, To the Wolves, and The Queen’s Menagerie - appear in PC Gamer’s “Free Games of the Week”: http://www.pcgamer.com/free-games-of-the-week/

(That seems to be a single multiple-page post that gets content added every week, bumphing everything else down a page, making persistent links impossible. Here’s an archive.org snapshot for those reading in the distant future: https://web.archive.org/web/20161008175220/http://www.pcgamer.com/free-games-of-the-week/)

Games blogger Lynda Clark is covering some of the games here: https://wouldyouliketochangethedifficultysetting.wordpress.com/tag/ifcomp/

Mine are in audio form at vggpodcast.com. I’m doing pre-recorded solo segments spliced into each episode at the point where we start talking about what we’re playing. For those not interested in hearing a dad and his 11-year-old daughter talk about video game news and general chat on non-IF topics, I might at some point put together one big .MP3 with all the reviews and an index of times, or multiple review-only .MP3’s, or text transcripts, or all three. In the first set, I was a little pessimistic about game/story quality (and rusty at analyzing IF in general), but I’m becoming more and more impressed with what I’ve seen this year. I’m also finding it easier to recommend the choice-based games to listeners, because they’re easier to jump into than parser games. Anyway, unless I get too sidetracked, I’ll try to review a few more over the next few weeks.

I’m blogging reviews again this year. dougegan2.blogspot.com/ Apologies if I’ve already replied to this thread previously.

Old Games Italia is covering the comp. Dunno if they’ve been listed yet. They’ve done two feature articles for Marco Vallarino’s games, and they’ll probably keep posting more combined reviews for other games throughout the voting period. Last year they covered quite a lot.