IFComp 2011 is on!

The games are all up and available from ifcomp.org/ or your friendly local IF Archive mirror. One change this year: authors will be allowed to update their games during the competition. I’ll be posting updated games at least once a week during the competition.

There are so many of them! I am psyched.

Hooray! Congratulations and good luck to all the entrants.

be still, my heart !

This is the best news.

Lots of games this year. Nice [emote]:)[/emote]

If anyone wants to play my humble effort, please download it. The online version doesn’t play correctly.

Breaking tradition, I actually went and looked at the list of games right away and …

“Edmund Wells!” Ha! The author of such classics David Coperfield (the one with one ‘p’) finally turns his able hand to interactive fiction [emote]:)[/emote]

Is there a “coolest/geekiest pseudonym” award? Because that wins. Now all we need is one by Gertrude Perkins.

Would you like me to remove the “Play Online” link for your game?

Also, if you send me the details I’ll take a look.

Sweet! Looks like quite the line-up.


This certainly looks like a better than average contest already. For some time, I’ve felt that the holiday season really starts on October 1st with the release of the IF Comp games, but I’m more excited than usual this year. [emote]:)[/emote]

A request for the comp organizers (that is, Sargent) – can you make it a little clearer how to find the blurbs? I got to this page and didn’t realize I had to click “Show all” to see the blurbs; I thought it meant “Show all game titles” or something like that. Perhaps you could add a line near the “Show all” button explaining what it does a bit more?

Also, I assume you have to download the game files to get the feelies – they aren’t online anywhere? I dimly remember looking at the map for Byzantine Perspective online, but I guess it had its own website. EDIT: They’re on the if-archive, duh.

Why, on the IF Comp page, do the blurbs about each piece say if the game was made with TADS 2 or 3, but not say if the Adrift games were made with 4 or 5?

(Er, and let me add YAY IF-COMP! so I don’t look an ungrateful arse.)

I’m also tickled that, as much as Inform had been dominating the IF Comp in recent years, its name doesn’t actually appear on said page, just Z or Glulx.

Alan: 1
Adrift: 3
“web”: 3
Quest: 1
TADS3: 1
TADS2: 2
Windows: 1

Total non-Inform: 12, of 38, or about 32%, which, 32 is a power of 2, the 5th, and so, is an auspicious number.

EDIT: Hitting that SHOW ALL button is the first thing I always do upon reaching the page.

I don’t think I’ve ever done it before, which would make this the first year I’ve ever seen the blurbs on the site. And I’ve been voting in IF Comp since it started.

I’d echo the request to make the blurbs more obvious. I only realised there were blurbs, and I was missing them and needed to look much harder, after Emily’s blog post about the pros and cons of different types of blurbs this year.

Well, this is weird, I’d rather recommend playing it on-line rather than downloading it! I mean, I’ve just finished it using the web runner (scoring 11 points out of 22, so I could give it another try!) but the off-line Adrift runner version 5.0 couldn’t handle the game at all. Right after entering the building the screen would go totally messed, just like it was loading the wrong font or something that made it unreadable. I tried using a 4.0 runner I had on a dusty corner of my hard drive, but it demmanded an ancient richtextbox ocx long forgotten by Windows 7.

Nice game, by the way! At least I could reach the end, and I could vote it if I decide to act as judge this year (I voted a handful of comps ago and I’ve just checked my mail and password are still active! [emote]:D[/emote] )

Good luck to all the authors. Looking forward to playing them (or as many as I can get through!).

Please. The game can still be finished, but it generates an error message when trying to take an item which you should be able to take.

GET CHAIR in the ground floor location doesn’t work.

It can still be finished but generates an error message when trying to take an item, which the offline version doesn’t.

Ok. Will see if I can get that fixed ASAP.