IFArchive outage on Tuesday, Jan 24th

The Archive machine is being moved to a different room, and it may be down all day. (It might be down for just a few minutes, but office moves at universities, well, no bets on everything going perfectly.)

If you expect to need Archive access, pick your mirror in advance. (And bookmark it, because mirror.ifarchive.org/ will also be offline.)

This is, to bump the topic, today.

All should be back online.

take machine

The machine refuses to move with you.

x machine
The IF archive computer. It is connected to the wall by some cables.

drop machine

unplug cables
You can’t use multiple nouns with this verb.

unplug cable
Which cable do you mean, the power cable or the internet cable?

You don’t want to do that with the machine running.

switch machine off
The IF archive suddenly disappears from the internet.

unplug power
You unplug the power cable.

unplug internet
You unplug the internet cable.

take machine

Different room
This room has more space, and is generally better than the other room.

drop machine

connect power
You insert the power cable in the outlet.

connect internet
You insert the internet cable in the internet outlet.

swich machine on
The IF archive suddenly reappears on the internet.

I take issue with responses like this.

(Man, I’ve taken issue with a lot of things lately.)

Presumably you yourself are able to use multiple nouns with the verb ‘to take’…

take issues

Issue One: Taken.
Issue Two: Taken.

This is a memorable set of memes :slight_smile: