IFAcrhive.org RSS feed - is it working for everyone?

I stopped being able to load the RSS feed (Firefox 24.0, Win7) when the Comp13 started. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, I see that too now. Thanks. (The rss file exists but is empty.)

I don’t have time to look at it now but will check into this tomorrow.

Brilliant. I’m glad it’s not a problem on my end, I’d have no idea how to fix it. :wink:

Wouldja believe, IFComp 2013 is the first time we got a file on the Archive with “&” in the filename?

I think all the XML escaping is correct now, and archive.rss exists. If I’m really good, it won’t break again tomorrow.

(It doesn’t list the IFComp files, but that’s a logistical issue, not a code issue.)

I refuse to apologize.

Quite right. Stick to your ampersands.

Working great now, thanks!