IF7 story won't run in Chrome in GoogleDocs

When I try to run my story on Chrome GoogleDocs. I get “You’ll need to turn on Javascript in your web browser to play this game.” However, Javascript IS enabled. Also, none of the links work. I released with website.
What I did: I copied the Release directory into GoogleDocs. I expected it would access the files as it does when it runs from my computer (via Safari). Is it a GoogleDocs problem, or a Chrome problem, or an Inform problem?

Do you mean you’re trying to upload Parchment or Quixe to Google Drive? I’m pretty sure that won’t work. I don’t think you can even hotlink the storyfile from Google Drive?

You’ll need to use a proper web host. We’ve had other discussions before about what some good options are.

Thanks for this, but I don’t know what else to do. I thought Google Drive WAS a website. I don’t have a personal website. Does that mean I cannot offer this to beta testers? or the IF Comp judges?

What about using itch.io to allow your game to be played online? I signed up for it for ParserComp and it was painless enough. You can set your game as “Restricted” and password protected while beta testing.


You can give the storyfile (the .gblorb or .zblorb) directly to your beta testers. If you plan to enter the IFComp you don’t need to worry about hosting Parchment, the Comp takes care of that for you.

And yes Itch is one of the options you can consider. There are many more as well.

I posted it on itch.io. It seems to be a good solution.

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