if x is in the invetory


I am new to this, so this is probably a very basic question.
Essentially I need to stop the player going north unless he has a motivation to go that way.
I know the below is wrong but if someone could educate me that would be swell!

Before going north in the entrance hall:
if the train ticket is an inventory item:
continue the action.
stop the action.

Thanks one and all! Hope everyone is having a down right spiffing day!

You want

if the player carries the train ticket:

I would try something like the following:

Instead of going north in the entrance hall when the player does not have the train ticket, say "The conductor won[apostrop[he]t let you on the platform without a ticket.".

The “instead of” language automatically stops the action if the condition (in this case, the player not having the ticket) is satisfied. If the condition is not satisfied (i.e., if the player has the ticket), the “instead of” rule never kicks in so you just go right to the normal action rules.

Robert Rothman

[Edited to add the word “not”]

First of all, don’t just stop the action without saying why you’re doing it to the player.

Every time something is in inventory, then it is carried by the PC, or the PC holds it, so you can refer to the situation by asking if it is carried or held.

Instead of going north in the entrance hall when the player does not have the train ticket: say "If you go that way now, you'll fall and break your neck and your head will roll down the tracks and it will eventually be crushed by a train and you don't want that because IntroComp is comming soon."

You can create your own excuse, of course, but feel free to use that one.

ahhh I see, just approaching it from the wrong way around.

Hi lribeiro, had the excuse all sorted but thanks, yours is quite good! Might steal it for later!