IF written in Javascript

What would you say is the Javascript IF platform best suited for games with a detailed world model, and maybe a parser?

Inform played in Parchment. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by “Javascript IF platform”?

Pretty much something written in Javascript or that’s converted to it. So not Inform or Quest – though you can convert that with PhoneGap, by converting I mean something more like Coffeescript.

I figured. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:

Would this JS engine have a vm or just a library that enabled something IF-like?

Not a VM.

To my knowledge there is no pure JS or compiles-to-JS parser IF platform/library, so I’m still puzzled by the question. Are you looking for a general-purpose language that could be used to create one, or something else?

There was the one for Aunts and Butlers; I thought there might be others under the radar so to speak, or failing that, maybe a choice-based system that might be well-adapted to adding on to. Also I was motivated to ask by this blog post from a while back, notimetoplay.org/2012/06/22/coff … e-fiction/ .

The original question was not primarily about parsing (requested as a “maybe”), but about detailed world models. I don’t think that there is anything very mainstream that would fit the bill. There was one JS platform that was previewed in the comp a couple of years ago, via a fun little time-travel game–but I’m not sure whether the tools ever saw a release. (I’m also not sure whether the engine actually allowed for a detailed world model.)

I don’t understand the interest to model a world in JS, which isn’t designed for this, when you can do it in Inform 7 and use Vorple to add extra stuff in it.

Cited in the link that George just posted, there’s Jaiffa, a parser engine implemented in JS: felix.plesoianu.ro/index.php/page:Fun:IF:Jaiffa

Maybe you mean Blink! Erik (bloomengine.com/blink/ )?

Yes, that’s it. I’m glad to see it seems to be progressing!

I am one of the more unusual IF authors. Since I programmed little apps before learning about IF, I decided to just use regular programming languages I knew to make IF. Which is why you see HTML/JavaScript CYOA from me rather than Twine. So I write HTML and JS code, raw!

Perhaps you may be interested in these two: foro.caad.es/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=5488