IF writer's circle

I’ve been thinking an IF writer’s circle would be worth trying. It would be a bunch of people writing one story each, maybe aiming to be finished in time for the IF comp. It wouldn’t be a collaboration as such, just a smaller group where you can toss ideas around, show off half-finished stories, maybe help each other on puzzle design or patching up plot holes etc. I don’t know the details, let’s work those out as we go along. Anybody?

I’m all for something like that.

We’ve conducted a couple of in-person IF workshops in this style, here in Boston. Works well if you have four-ish IF authors with partially-complete work to show off (in the privacy of the group).

Should work just as well online, as long as you can get people to stay involved. (An in-person meeting date is a good motivational deadline. Doing the same thing online may require stronger nudging.)

Marshal and me makes two, I’m not sure that counts as four-ish. Is there anybody else who wants some feedback on what you’re working on?

I’ve got an old, slightly odd project that I’m not really sure about. This might be a good opportunity to flog that half-dead horse quick again (or decide that it should be mercifully allowed to rest in peace).

Hmm, I’d be interested–it seems like the sort of thing that could help me with a game I’ve been struggling with. There are a lot of times I just want to bounce ideas off people, but it would be all one-way.

I’d come by.

Ok, does anybody have any ideas on how to do it? Something where we can talk privately, upload files, maybe handle voting? Any suggestions? Would any of you like to set it up?

The first thing that comes to my mind is Google+ hangouts?

Yeah, the Google ecosystem seems to make sense in general, unless some of you are allergic to it. I’m peterorme6@gmail.com and here on google plus

I’ve added you. I’m marsaltennerwinter@gmail.com

and this is my g+ https://plus.google.com/100690456488811361698/posts

What about something like this?


okay, that didn’t work. Next idea?

ok, here’s a privatized community page:


I’d appreciate an invite. I’m… I’m the gnome. :neutral_face:

Oh, so YOURE the gnome! Give me your g+ info again, i deleted that initial group! :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: nvm, I found you!

Coming to this thread a few months late, but is this group still happening? My gmail is patten robert (one word).

I’ll send you an invite. This group is open to anyone interested (and has a gmail address).

This sounds cool. My gmail address is dsdraco7.

Invite sent! :mrgreen: