if using html tads images, need to export them separately?

i.e. do I need to zip up everything with the correct folder structure and then export it? or is there a way to compile so that the images become part of the exe (so i only need to export one file)?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

(I am hoping I don’t need to expose the images, otherwise I need to take special care not to put spoilers in the images…)

You embed all resources (sounds, images) into the t3 file itself. You then only need to distribute that.

As for an exe, I think there might be a bug currently; not sure. Someone who uses Windows will probably know.

If you’re using Workbench, add your images to the project as Resource files; that way the compiler will know to include them in the .t3/.exe. If you aren’t using Workbench, you’ll have to add them to the project file manually. I don’t know what the syntax is off-hand; I’d have to look it up.

There’s a bug with sound files, but Mike released a patch for it. Details here. It doesn’t affect images, anyway.