IF title generator: the next generation

I decided to see how easy it was to install some neural-net code and run it on text data. Turns out it’s easy!

This is generated from the title list from IFDB, run through a Python library called textgenrnn. For complete details and links:

blog.zarfhome.com/2018/06/if-tit … ation.html

They all have that machine-translation quality to them, phrases just on the edge of meaningfulness.

I like the understated simplicity that “Goose” offers.

Life of a Spirit would be a great Choicescript game.


You don’t need fancy NN to do this. A simple Markov process will do nearly as well - and you don’t need to train it for hours!

I wrote a Markov text generator a while back. So i tried it with your IF title list;

Example output

"Calm, Mute, Moving" interactive Medialand
A Cup of Terror
Aftermath of Dewdrops
Alcohol solves 2: My Stomach
Amity's Thirst
Amity x Li
Ausflug am Wochenende nach München
Ausgerechnet Man From Paradise
Beware College
Campus Row - Part 1
Can You Find (FractalFic)
Castle II: Homework of Life of an Emporer
Circa Regna Tonat
City on the Wall?
Cloud 99
Codigo Secret of the d
Corgi Adventures of Rosewood Incident at Blackrock Tower of Sadville
Deathless: The Quest
Declinación del tren
Devils Triangle
Doug's Amazing Cave After Chemo
Dracula's Castle of the Calamitous Cave Adventure
Dracula's Ride
Dracula II
El libro que se aburría
El monje Salfín
El secreto Lucybel: Cryogenic
Escape from eating, halitosic gorilla of Brazil
Escape the Holy Grail
Fingertips: I Found
Folkar Station Conquista
Heresville II
Jesse Standing
Light Beta
Mordred Manor
Mortlake Manor
Mushrooms Red As Meat
Music Education in Winter's Mutant Horizon - Chapter One.
My Great Red Dragon Quest
Operacion Conquest
Out The Evil Bitch
Papa Noel
Papa wird vermißt
Paradox Corps
Paradox Factor
Parallax Dream Prisoner
Physics Adventure in Jerusalem's Lot
Shift Change in the Corn Maze of Q'li
Sorcellerie/Sorcerers Get Twisted Round Adventuring Temple
Sorcery! 3
Terminal Battle
The Atomic Healing the Lamberly Mystery
The Canapés of Death
The Day at the Inuop
The Edificio por Faenor
The Escaping Haivercraft
The Farmer's Reality
The First Things Make a Breakers
The Locked Room Game
The Pilot, or, Memento Morators
The Quest for Pizza
The Rift
The Silversword 2: The Envelopers Conference and Space Boy's Fire Dark
The Squynchia Adventures of Saturn Chronicles - Ep. 1
The Yawn
To Burn Down Science By Trying
Traveling God
Treasures of Claymorgue Castle Thade Revisited
Trial and Tea
Una Aventure
Unreal City
What happened in a sueno
Within the Boggit

Just one .cpp file.

Source code here;


There’s also Shakespeare :slight_smile: Kind of.

I want to play it.

I’m all for To Burn Down Science By Trying

Title Generation Jam has definite potential.

Out The Evil Bitch


Probably a sequel to Corgi Adventures. One of the corgi bitches is evil and should be banished, but they don’t know which one. It’s like Werewolf, only with corgi bitches. You can’t go wrong with corgis. Everybody loves them. Every game can be improved by adding corgis in it.

A Cup Of Terror sounds like a choiceScript game set in the near future, which involves a group of terrorists burning down all the fancy tea shops in Oxford. I wanna play it. :slight_smile: I also like To Burn Down Science By Trying and Out The Evil Bitch.

Paradox Corps already sounds like a CoG joint.

That it does. Come On CoG folks, I wanna play these (possibly) amazing games! :slight_smile: