IF Speed Jam #1 - Time for fun and games!

Sorry for being so tardy with this post. My son that lives in Germany is visiting. He is using my office for a bedroom. His clock is in a different time zone. :wink:

The Speed Jam #1 entries are in, and there are now five! What a great response!

For a speed jam, it is not about the ranking, it is all about enjoyment, positive reviews and critique. All of the games at first observation look great and I am sure they are. A link to the submissions is below:

IF Speed Jam #1 Submissions


Less than two days to go.

Five entries and an average of four ratings each.

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I just got through all the games after starting earlier this evening. One more vote and votes per game = # of games in the contest.

I suspect I’m not the only procrastinator here, but here’s a non-spoiler PSA:

While some are replayable for a better ending, none should take too long on first play. So it’s not too late, if you’re considering running the gauntlet or voting on even one.

ETA: yay, votes per game > # of games with 10 hours left.

(And yes, because the number of votes is not divisible by 5, someone else didn’t vote for all the games. So you shouldn’t feel it’s all or nothing.)