IF Search Engine

Well, not a new engine, just using the new Google co-op technology which allows you to create a custom search engine covering a subjetc that interests you. Put in a list of sites and hey presto.

My little effort is HERE


That is very cool.

I noticed that Ken has not updated it since last november so I made a new one that includes all the blogs, forums, and archives that I know of (around 40) or so.

Check it out at:


The page says something about ‘user contributors’…is there a way to allow people to add sites, perhaps with moderator approval? This seems like the perfect kind of thing for that sort of organization.

edit: for that matter, how do you see what already is added, besides searching on a very common word?

You can allow people to add sites.

The choices are by invitation (not sure how that works…I’ll get back to you on that) or you can just let any ol yahoo add any site he wants.

Since I don’t want “fisting grandma orgy XII” added to my search site I’m going to have to go with the first option.

If it works like I think it might, you can send the moderator an email stating your good intentions and he would send you back the invitation to add sites.

Sounds good to me, I’ll look into it further and let you know.