[IF Review] Zombie Exodus

Paul O’Brian has written the first new review I’ve published since 2009. Please visit http://ministryofpeace.com/if-review/ and see his review of Zombie Exodus.

That’s a solid review, and it captures my main problem with ZE: that it’s not finished yet!

If maga (and his reviewers) do his (their) job, I guess we will have a LOT of reviews about ZE. :slight_smile:

To me, the game not being finished was not that bad. The massive crimes against mimesis were, though. It builds up some tension, from time to time, but having to choose straightforwardly if I’m a sister or a brother demolished that tension.

[rant]Anyway: to me, arguing if CYOAs are IF or not is like discussing if we have to discuss homosexuality or skin color. Yeah, I like to repeat myself. Repetita Iuvant.[/rant]

That’s a good review, and I am glad to receive constructive criticism.

Many of the issues are being addressed in my next update, though I continue to go back through and tighten up choices and prose. Most of the readers I’ve had have either been in the ChoiceScript community, or are IF-naive, so having reviews from people who are knowledgeable about IF is valuable feedback.