IF-related Sporcle quizzes

Does anyone here play Sporcle? I’ve made some quizzes related to IF:

And there are some quizzes about Infocom/Zork/Adventure:


It’s interesting which IFComp games people guess the most (although to be fair this is a sample of just 16 plays and 3 of the plays are mine).


You have to type the exact right title, I suppose? I mean, it was something with a meteor and a something and a long glass of… sherbet(?), and I’m pretty sure the third installment of E&S is on there… But I’ll never get those titles right without looking them up. :smiley:

The quiz creator can allow alternate/shortened forms or common misspellings, if they think to include them. Your post prompted me to check, and just “Earth and Sky 3” is accepted.

I think we’re on our own with the standalone long titles and/or glasses of sherbet, though…

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