IF readership levels.

I was looking into playing Emily Short’s Bee on Varytale, and I noticed it said it had been played 450,000 times.

Now, I know that should include replays and bot views, but those are very high numbers. I worked a lot on math Wikipedia, and even big articles like Calculus only get around 600,000 views a year.

I’d like to ask if this is accurate, but I know it’s hard to verify. So my real questionis, how much traffic have other measurable games gotten? How many times has Hadean Lands been purchased, Creatures Such As We been downloaded, or Howling Dogs been played?

I always imagined the IF crowd to have a few tens of thousands in the US and twice that much in the rest of the world, concentrated in English speaking countries. That’s why I found these numbers surprising, since I doubt that more than 10% of players have played any given game.

What are your thoughts?

Indeed. varytale.com/books/book/short-bee/info/ says, “The book has been read 450,000 times, and has been awarded 4½ stars from 4,500 ratings.”

I think authors have access to more analytics; I’d be curious to know how many people started playing early vignettes vs. how many people got to an ending.

You can poke around on the Google Play Store to see download numbers for our games and any other game you like there. play.google.com/store/apps/deve … +Games+LLC

play.google.com/store/apps/deta … essuchaswe says CSaW has been installed “10,000 - 50,000” times.

Paid games get downloaded less. For example, play.google.com/store/apps/deta … mes.robots Choice of Robots has been installed “5,000 - 10,000” times.

Our first game, which has always been free, is Choice of the Dragon. play.google.com/store/apps/deta … mes.dragon installed “500,000 - 1,000,000 times” since Jan 2010.

Our iOS numbers are usually around double our Android numbers.

Depending on how Varytale counts its plays, it could be that anyone opening the page counts (including even search engines potentially), even if they don’t actually do anything, or it may be that they count it after the player has interacted at least once. At one stage someone was embedding Parchment in an iframe on their website which meant that their story counted for half of every all stories played, but only a small fraction would’ve actually used it. Emily may be able to provide some more details, but I’d assume that that play count is overly high.

I think Varytale is counting each individual storylet view, so if someone’s playthrough of Bee included 50 storylets, that one reading would account for 50 views. Add that some people have played more than once, and you get a number of players much closer to your expectations. I’m not dead certain of this, but that’s how I’ve interpreted it.

I don’t have time at the moment to go poking around the analytics and collating ending data, I’m afraid, though if I remember at a time of leisure I’ll give it a shot. :slight_smile:

The ADRIFT website has a counter for downloads with the top game at 4973 (double that of the game in the second place) but I don’t know how accurate an indication that gives of the games as they can also be played online or downloaded from other sites.

Hadean Lands has sold about 4000 copies. About half on iOS, half everything else. (That’s counting the 700-ish kickstarter backers.)

If you go to an author’s starting page on philome.la, you can see how many times their games have been played. But (unless I’m missing something), philome.la doesn’t have any kind of discovery system, so it’s difficult to find a cross-section.

After a little brief Googling, the most popular game I found at philome.la was baphomeme’s QUEER TRANS MENTALLY ILL POWER FANTASY, with 52,357 plays. But I suspect more popular games are out there.

Playfic lists how many times a game has been played (this counts every time one has been opened) and the most popular game (not counting the tutorials) has over 22,000 plays.

I wonder what constitutes a ‘play’ on sites like Playfic or philome.la. I suspect play = open.

Even then those are big numbers, to be sure.

On Playfic it definitely does just mean opening the page.

Same with philome.la, and it counts multiple visits per IP address.