IF Programming Questions???

Hi, I’m Gmaker56

I am new to the forums and IF. I’ve heard of IF it before but never really sat down and played with it a little. I have a question: I’m using QBasic to program my Text-Based Games. I want to create a couple of games and sell them online. Do you think anyone would be intrested in buying a 30 year-old technology? :question: :question: :question: Thanks!

I would suggest that you should make at least one free game first and see how it’s received before even considering about going commercial. When you have a reputation of making award-winning, awe-inspiring games, you’ll sell a lot more!

Also, as someone already mentioned, you might want to take a look at some modern IF languages like Inform or TADS. Making a decent IF parser in BASIC is a lot of work - with the same effort you could learn to use a development system that’s far easier to work with in the long run.