IF Panel for GMX in October

I’ll be doing a panel on IF at the Geek Media Expo in October 2012. My idea for the panel outline is the following:

  • A quick definition of IF (see below)
  • A VERY Brief history (most tricky part)
  • How to play (ideally the most general commands used)
  • Interpreters for most popular formats
  • Play a short game

My main two concerns are the definition of IF and the How to Play section. If I pull commands from an Infocom manual would that probably cover pretty much 75% of all current IF? And here’s how I plan to define IF:

Advice / Comments / Thoughts / Raspberries?

For How To Play, I’d hand out Zarf and Lea’s reference card. Or, if you can’t hand it out, it’s a good place to get commands from.

That’s basically how I define the category. Or, if I had to expand it, a game with an explorable world and an explorable space of typed commands.

Arguably that clause covers all of videogaming – certainly all videogames that have a degree of narrative. (Which is nearly all of them, these days.)

And sure, hand out the reference card. :slight_smile: That’s what it’s for.

GMX is in Nashville, I see. Outside my range, but maybe there will be other IF people in the area.

While there is value in having many interpreters, please don’t confuse new people with them. Recommend Gargoyle only - it supports all the formats on Windows, Mac and Linux.

What demo game are you considering?

Did not know about Gargoyle I’ll look into that, thanks!

As for the literature I think most people would assume it’s something read and not played. I don’t usually think of movies or video games when someone says literature, and the definition of literature specifically says writing. Scripts may count but once filmed become a different media.

Game wise I’m not sure, was thinking of writing something extremely simple (if you know what Action Castle is then think something like that). If anyone has any suggestions feel free, but keep in mind that there might only be half an hour to play it, and we’ll probably play it as a group taking turns. Probably 2-3 simple puzzles at most and utilizing a small map.

Tell me you weren’t seriously planning this without thinking about showing Lost Pig.

(9:05’s a good bet too.)