IF Mapper for IOS

Does anyone know if there is any IF mapping or automapping software available for IOS devices such as Ipad and Ipod Touch?

I love Trizbort for Windows, however without IOS mapping software I can only really stick to single room games when playing IF on the go.

Thank you for your help!

why? Do you think you’re likely to walk north whenever issuing that command? :laughing:

He he no not quite!

If you are playing ‘Zork’ for example and are on the bus, it is easy to get lost if you can’t map!

we’ll have to use the force until further notice.

I use SimpleMind+ for that. It’s a mind mapping application, but it works fine for this purpose.

that could work! good idea, dl’ing right now, thx!

Thank you for the suggestion! I will ‘field test it’ and let you know how I get on.

no such problem here. Does movement make you so dizzy as to lose your memory so that you can’t even retrace your steps?

If I move anything more than a few rooms my mind is like mashed potato when it comes to working out where I am!

I use popplet lite.

It’s not an IF mapping tool, but it does the job for me.

That got me in the right direction.

I’m using MindNode Pro on my Mac and MindNode Touch on the iPhone to exchange “maps” (works pretty well actually). As you can also exchange savegames with iPhone Frotz and Gargoyle or Zoom, it’s a seamless experience. Great!

The mapping function on Andrew Plotkins new App Store version of ‘The Dreamhold’ seems to be pretty good.

If more App versions of IF begin to appear, I think this type of mapping will solve all of the ‘on the go’ mapping problems that I have been experiencing.

Well, as zarf mentioned in the Dreamhold thread, including maps like the one in Dreamhold is far from trivial…

True, but the idea itself does solve the problem. I appreciate though, that its not always simple to just plonk a map on there. Its a shame that there is no way to run a self mapper on IOS like Trizbort.

I use ]Touchdraw] and it works very well.



What does the Dreamhold mapper look like? (While it probably looks better than Automap / Glimmr Automap, they are available to any author.)

You can see a screenshot at itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-drea … 70810?mt=8 (scroll sideways in the screenshots list). It’s not “auto” in any sense; I created a map in Inkscape, and then split it up into sections that are composited as they’re visited.

I use a notepad and a pen. Works great until the pen runs out of ink, at which point I buy another.

word up bro

Semi-OT (as I’m not talking about ios mapping, just adding graphic automapping to an I7 game):

There’s a few things worth mentioning. Glimmr Automap can be customised with your own graphics.

There’s also another Glimmr system that will produce a map more of a style like Zarf’s Dreamhold ios map:

glimmr.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/ … -tutorial/

Maybe in the future, when glulx’s multimedia features work online and/or ios form, glulx authors might be able to pack at least the vanilla automap into ios games, or their own prettier version.

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