IF lecture at cambridge university - video and slides online

jorge nathan matias presented a lecture about “Tragedy in Electronic Literature” which used 3 text adventures that play with the medium to illustrate its point:

RENDITION by nespresso (2007)
FATE by victor gijsbers (2007)
RAMESES by stephen bond (2000)

he has a website with slides and video at http://www.natematias.com/cam/trag-elit/#
but its difficult to navigate so a video of the 15-min presentation is now on google video:


direct link to the slides:


link to the PDF of the slides from emily short’s discussion on similar
themes at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Hypertext 2007


(sadly a broken link - anybody got a working link for this last one?)

Cool, thanks for the video chiyonofuji.

I emailed Matias a few days ago about the PDF (having just found this in the last week myself), but I guess it might be easier just to email Emily Short :wink:. I’m guessing she’ll reply either here or at RAIF though.