IF Grand Prix 2016

The 10[sup]th[/sup] annual interactive fiction Grand Prix competition for (mostly) German language games can be announced!

Competition schedule:
March 1, 2016 12 p.m. CET: Deadline for submission of intents.
April 1, 2016 7 p.m. CET: Deadline for entries.
April 1, 2016 Midnight CET: Entries will be released to the public.
May 1, 2016 11.45 p.m. CET: Voting deadline.
May 2, 2016: Results will be published.

Everbody can paricipate as author or judge the comp entries. Rules, schedule, further information and discussions here:

IF Grand Prix website;
if-de Forum (feel free to post in English language);
Twitter hashtag #ifGP16.

Good luck for authors and have a good time with the entries!

The IF Grand Prix 2016 presents four German language entries:

Abgesang: Der Tag der Toten by L. C. Frey
Düstere Dickichte 1: Schurken-Alarm! by L. C. Frey
Odin City – Für Ruhm und Ehre by Hannah Baltes und Jannik Schüler
Der Tag an dem Emilia W. verschwand by Georg Philipp Baldwig

The entries can be voted until May 1st, 2016 11.45 pm (CEST)

All downloads and links to play online:

I’d really like to try this. My German is very poor, but I did decently enough with the French entries, so maybe it is worth a try.

I encourage anyone else to give it a shot, too. I’ve had fun translating the French I didn’t understand. I meant to look into this last year, but…I really want to this year.

I might try and brute-force-Google-Translate these… (which is more than I can say for the Frenchcomp entries!)

I played and I voted. Hat Spaß gemacht!

I’ll try to leave some comments/thoughts on the games later in the German forum.

Voting result:

1st place: L. C. Frey - Abgesang: Der Tag der Toten
2nd place: L. C. Frey - Düstere Dickichte 1: Schurken-Alarm!
3rd place: Georg Philipp Baldwig: Der Tag an dem Emilia W. verschwand
4th place: Hannah Baltes und Jannik Schüler: Odin City – Für Ruhm und Ehre


Thanks to the authors and all participants involved!

Congratulations to everyone!


I’m curious if anybody tried that?

I’m trying this with the inkle entry now! All I can say is Duolingo has disappointed me. Clearly it was only meant to set me up for a world in which I would have to say “Ich bin eine Banane.” [emote]:P[/emote]

I’m loving Der Tag Der Toten. Does anyone know how many chapters there are? I want to budget the time accordingly.

Der Tag der Toten has two chapters. The second one is much longer than the first one.

@verityvirtue: Sounds like a challenge… I’d love to see a German game that one could play knowing only the phrase “Ich bin eine Banane”. [emote]:)[/emote]

Hm…can I include “bist du eine Banane?” as well?