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I have a game idea and I was wondering if someone could create a game based on this idea here it is
mortal kombat fire and ice. scorpion andsub-zero have noticed that some of there klan members have been murdered in cold blod! there anomie known as sektor who used to be a member of sub zero’s clan but is now a cyborg who has turned on him is responsible. in the midst of all of this, scorpion’s wife and child harromy and satoshi have been murdered as well. they must act fast and work together to get revenge on sektor.

I’m pretty sure nobody here could create a game based on that idea unless they like to be sued by the people who have the rights to Mortal Kombat.


Please don’t let Victor scare you out of pursuing your game idea. Although Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has the legal rights for publishing Mortal Kombat games, that doesn’t mean they sue everybody who makes a fangame based on the characters they own. For example, Mortal Kombat Defenders of the Earth doesn’t seem to be in active development, but it’s been available for download for at least a year. That means at least a year has passed without Warner Bros. putting a stop to the fan/fans who decided to make their own Mortal Kombat game. (It looks like there are several other Mortal Kombat fangames out there, but I can’t tell at a glance which of them are any good.)

Warner Bros. would be more likely to take action if the creators of Defenders of the Earth were raking in the dollars from selling their game, but they aren’t. The game is free. Defenders of the Earth has this in common with the many, many fangames out there that haven’t attracted legal trouble: They aren’t making money. The reasoning—which is not legally airtight—is that, if you don’t charge for your game (or your comic or your fanfic or your iron-on patch), then you’re not taking any money out of the pockets of the rights-holders, so they have no reason to make their lawyers attack you. This is not what copyright law actually says, but it is how things often work out.

Do lawyers ever attack people whose fan-work isn’t making any money? Yes! A lot! Disney loves doing this. The Wikipedia article on fangames cites Nintendo as being especially litigious, but I can’t help thinking of the many, many fangames Nintendo hasn’t shut down.

We also see from this article that, if your fan-work does attract the notice of rights-holders, they don’t just jump right to suing you. They send you a cease and desist letter first, or they issue a DMCA request. Consider Milton Guasti, who made AM2R, a very ambitious and (and very well-known, as these things go) remake of Metroid II. As soon as it was released, Nintendo dropped DMCA notices on him, so he took down all the download links, and then they somehow dropped more DMCA notices on him, and he had to scrap the project entirely. He didn’t get sued. He got hired by Moon Studios and now he’s a professional non-fan-game-dev.

AM2R was a non-profit project, and I will say again that making your fangame free does not make your fangame immune to legal action! However, it’s worked out pretty well for, among so many others, the excellent Tales of Game’s Studios Presents Chef Boyardee’s Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa.

I can tell you one way to be sure your fangame never gets shot down by lawyers. This isn’t so much a legal strategy as it is a logical fact: Warner Bros. can’t get you if they don’t know your game exists. You can distribute it only to your closest friends. Or, you can just show it to your Twitter followers. Possibly you can even get away with putting it on IFDB without attracting attention.


Wow, okay. I stand corrected. Clearly the pertinent advice is: don’t listen to me when I talk about stuff I know less about than I think! (Or when I’m being a jerk.)


I got the idea from this win a game by the same title was scrapped due to time constraints I figure they’re not going to make that them anytime soon so I thought I might try to see what I can do with it

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Hi James. The other thing you could do if you’re afraid of infringing copyright, is to keep the essence of the story, but change the names of the characters and details of the game world. The bestselling erotic novel series Fifty Shades of Grey started life as Twilight fan fiction!

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i’m not worried about copyright infringement the reason why I asked if someone would be interested in bringing my idea to light is because I’m not sure how to even start working on this because with inform it’s coded and I’m not sure how to do it

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I laughed out loud reading this thread. Thanks, IF people.

Well, you can start downloading Inform 7 and launching it. The app comes with integrated documentation that guides you, step by step, on how to create a parser game.

Also, you can use Twine, or Quest (at textadventures.co.uk) or Ren’py! A visual novel in the Mortal Kombat universe could be, definitively, a thing!

Mortal Kourtship


And Ren’py also is set up for 2d graphics that slide from the sides and you can make them battle in hilarious fashion.

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