IF Festival poll 1: general directions

Given that the options for a theme are extremely open at the moment, and nobody seems prepared to make an executive decision, let’s take it to a poll: what kind of games would you like to see encouraged by a curated IF festival / Art Show-type event?

In the tradition of democracies everywhere, I feel that we should take this apathetic, equivocal response as a resounding mandate to do whatever we want.

The results could scarcely be more equally distributed. I agree, let’s just do whatever.

I voted ‘I don’t really care’ because it seems closest to what I feel, which is that the theme doesn’t matter and so it would be better to have none, yeah.

I’ll play whichever games get reviews that catch my attention, same as always [emote]:)[/emote]

Sounds kind of like a science fair … “should we build better mousetraps by engineering more ideal versions of extant designs, or experiment with entirely new mechanisms for the restriction and cessation of unwanted rodent activity?” [emote]:)[/emote]

This should be the title of someone’s next WIP. Sci-fi piece on a spaceship. Lasers. Alien pirate threat. Dimensional rift? NO robot cats.

Oh. In the true spirit of art, my vote goes to “whatever.”

Yeah, this was one of the reasons why I originally planned to just spring something from the forehead of Zeus, rather than hashing out the details here. I’m pretty sure that even the Rio Carnival looks pretty dull at the committee stage.

I also care enough to be interested but don’t care about the direction taken.

Just thought I’d post and say I’m in support of this whatever direction it takes. Sounds like a great idea