IF Event in Munich on May 7 2011


if there are IF fans from Germany on here, i just wanted to inform you that a culture collective from Munich that I’m part of is doing an IF event on May 7. We’ll screen GET LAMP and contact Jason Scott for a skype q+a. There will be terminals to play games on, including a game we’re programming for this special occasion (it’s taking place during the event…).

More about the event (in German) can be found here:

mischwaldserver.de/volxvergn … s/254.html

Thanks for reading! This is my first post here! Cheers!

Is there an offline gathering place for Munich on a regular basis such as the Boston & Seattle groups? If so I can add Munich to Seattle’s list of city-centric IF groups.

none that i know of, but i haven’t dug deep into the german scene so far. Right now, the only Munich scene I know of is our team that’s putting our game together; but after the event, everything will change very fast, of course. Everybody will want to play IF :smiley:
Let’s say we’re working on it…

Latest developments: A workshop for writers and players will be held. And a team from a nationwide TV station will record interviews and footage from the event. Awesome!

Duly blogged. Congrats on the coverage!

Damn! Moved from Munich to Hamburg short time ago…

thanks for sharing! we will report back!

that was fun!
when i have my mind back, i will report in a more concise manner. jason scott on skype was so much fun. the people really enjoyed playing the games. my stupid little game was played by the audience after the film. good stuff.

just a little heads-up for everyone who’s interested:

we set up a gallery with pics from the event at:

mischwaldserver.de/volxvergn … s/258.html

It was great fun. GET LAMP on a big screen, Jason Scott on skype was tremendously funny and informative, and people really enjoyed playing on the terminals we set up (a pink Imac running Leather Goddesses Of Phobos, an old OS 8-powerbook running The Lurking Horror and several slightly more modern laptops running our own game, “Dr. Kong in: Plan DSDS from practice space”, Planetfall, Lost Pig and Spider And Web). After the interview, the audience played our game collectively over the big screen, which also was great fun (our crew sported special clothes and accessories that were implemented in the game, see the banana in one of the pictures, we even got Jason Scott to mention it at the end of the interview). An authors’ workshop was held during the day which was really inspiring (even if I couldn’t attend very much of it). What a night!