IF documentary

I don’t mean a documentary about IF. I mean a documentary about anything using the IF format. Has anything like that been done?

getlamp.com/ GET LAMP: The Text Adventure documentary.

It was released in 2010, which is too bad; it ends on a down note, implying that the story of interactive fiction was basically over, which was not an unreasonable opinion in 2010, but this was right before Twine came out, before Inkle, Choice of Games, Failbetter, Tinman, etc. The despairing of “how will anyone ever make money selling interactive fiction” is ironic in hindsight.

It’s older than that, really – it was mostly filmed around 2007. (Which is why it’s got me saying “Gosh, I’d like to quit my job and write IF full-time. Someday.”)

It’s definitely “history of parser IF, up to the early modern era”. Maybe that wasn’t what the question was about? I’m not sure what you meant by “the IF format”.

I take it that the OP is asking about documentaries made in a medium typical of IF, such as parser. Kind of interactive non-fiction, I suppose.

I like this movie a lot. It does bring up a lot of good issues in the IF community. I just wish it didn’t focus on infocom and more on the independent side of IF. Cause the business side of it, is really sad. But the independent side, our side is so much fun, with ideas, and a community that supports one another. He should make a sequel about this side of IF.

There’s that Twine bit someone here mirrored about the BBC’s “Interactive History of Interactive Fiction”: oreolek.ru/skill-stamina-luck/

I meant something like this.


Zarf smiles nostalgically. "I remember how back in 1996 I invented emotions in IF. If memory serves, " he continues, “I also remember how I invented shoes and breathing. I’m very prominent, you know.”

Sounds more like an interactive mockumentary.

Why settle for just talking to Zarf when you can try your hand at, well… ifdb.tads.org/viewgame?id=q8y5zup88c9hu499