IF Comp 2008: Links to reviews

[color=red]Note: I’ve just finished copying these links (actually, sometimes more accurate links) on the IFWiki. I’ll do further updates there, if there are any, because I don’t really want to maintain two separate lists.

Emily Short did a list of links to IF Comp 2008 reviews on her blog (a few of these links were provided in the comments by various people, including myself). I guess we could put these links here, too:

Sam Kabo Ashwell
Anna Anthropy (no cut tags)
Stephen Bond
Gemma Bristow
Nick Bronson
Cesia (no cut tags)
J. D. Clemens (JDC)
Riff Conner (rifflesby) (no cut tags)
Francesco Cordella (in Italian)
Scatman Dan (no cut tags)
Dark Star
Ben Deane (no cut tags)
Christos Dimitrakakis (no cut tags)
Ben Dixon (“Another Mr Lizard”)
George Dorn
David Fletcher
Gaming Dungeon
Victor Gijsbers
N. B. Horvath (no cut tags)
Joshua Houk (a.k.a. JoshuaH)
Juhana Leinonen (Nitku)
Jacqueline A. Lott
Aric Maddux
Jimmy Maher
Michael Martin
Rob Menke
Sarah Morayati (a.k.a. Lucea)
Carl Muckenhoupt
Peter Nepstad (here on this very forum)
George Oliver (kooneiform)
Wesley Osam
Lucy Pigpuppet
Jenni Polodna
Mike Rubin (Rubes)
P. F. Sheckarski
George Shannon (“Newlin”)
Dan Shiovitz
Emily Short
Mike Snyder (Merk) (also wrote reviews in this forum)
Mark J. Tilford (ralphmerridew)
J. Robinson Wheeler
Jake Wildstrom (no cut tags)
Wintericecrystal (YouTube video reviews!)
Reiko Yukawa (Reiko)

SPAG #53
Reviews on the Russian forum
Octopus Overlords forum
RGIF discussion about “Freedom”
Reviews at IFDB