IF Chat Room?

Hey, I’m new to the interactive fiction scene and I was wondering if anyone knows a chat room I can go to for people who play/write IF?
Also, if there isn’t… Would I get many people using one if I created it?

Thanks for the help guys.

Welcome! There’s the IFMud, though I’m not sure how much activity it gets outside of events like ClubFloyd, where people meet once a week to play a game together.


If you’re not familiar with MUDs, which I’m not really, it’s kind of half chat room, half multiplayer IF (no plot, just rooms). There’s a handy guide linked off that page, and it’s free to set up an account.

I’ve always thought it’d be cool to have an IF IRC channel somewhere.

But IRC is old and archaic! Also, I’ve been using it since the 90s. An IF IRC channel could be fun.

mostly useless:
Hey thanks. I’m looking into it now, I’ve got some experience with MUDs. Seems like a lot of people are AFK in the lounge there but they at least have a main spot where everyone is hanging out. Probably like 15 to 20 people on at the moment.

Yeah I’d agree. IRC might be old but it’s certainly useful and fun, plus people still use it.

I’ll look into what it takes to set up an IF IRC. If I can do that I’ll put an add up for it.

A good deal of activity, most of which has very little to do with IF.

Don’t I know it.

I’m pretty sure chatting about IF can be best accomplished on ifMud. There are varying times of the day when people are active and it’s not a scheduled thing, but #craft, #I7, and other channels can sometimes hold great value.

Of course there is no better way to get answers than right here on intfiction.org.

David C.

Technically, it depends on what you mean by “best be accomplished on the IFMUD”. Why is that the best? It was easier for me to log onto the new chat room and start talkin IF without long periods of no replies or snarky comments from the peanut gallery from people thinking I’m not logged into it. I dunno, just not sure what you meant. Plus, logging onto the MUD is a pain comparatively.

edited to add that no one in the new chat room has yet to become personally offended if I slip into “net speak”.

Yeah, ifMUD is not meant to be all things to all people. (No community is.) The MUD has been very good to me - there’s no social group that has affected my life more, even if you discount that I’m in one of the aforementioned marriages - but I don’t expect it to agree with everyone. And the more places and channels to talk about, the better.