IF at Pax Prime, Sept. 3rd-5th

Apologies for the crosspost from RAIF, but for those who won’t see that:

Following on the singular IF summit at PAX East, our Seattle IF group is planning to host an IF summit at PAX Prime this September; the main planning page (currently in its early stages) is at ifwiki.org/index.php/PAX_Prime_2010. If you’re thinking of attending or have ideas/suggestions, I encourage you to check it out.

Just a brief update, from a recent message to the Seattle IF list:

We’ve submitted our panels and are waiting to hear back (the end of the
submission period is this Saturday, so I’m guessing we’ll know next
month). You can see what we submitted at the organizing page on the wiki

One panel is a reprise of the PAX East panel, and with the other two
we’ve proposed a conversation between IF authors, adventure game
developers, and cRPG writers, which we hope will be an interesting
continuation of the conversations we’ve had in the IF community up to now.

As with PAX East we’re planning discussions in the IF suite too. An
evolving list of panel ideas is on the wiki, so please add to it if an
idea comes to you; all other ideas and suggestions are welcome too of

With the IF suite it looks like we’ll be reserving a room just a little
bigger than PAX East’s (but not a ‘suite’ I think); we’ll have more
details on that as it’s finalized.

Breaking PAX news: I’m happy to report that PAX accepted one of our panels, ‘Making stories worth playing’ (though I should note that the panelists will change a bit, as it looks like Adam Cadre won’t be able to make it). It’s scheduled for Friday.

Also we’ve reserved an IF suite at the Sheraton, roughly the same size as the room in Boston I believe.

In the next month we’ll be organizing things for the IF suite, and keeping notes at the PAX Prime page at the IF wiki.

Finally, I wanted to re-post this, from the PAX homepage:

edit to add: scratch that, 3-day passes are sold out according to the PAX website. Individual day tickets are still available.

If you haven’t been following this and are in the Seattle area, you’re invited to stop by the IF room at PAX (whether you’re going to PAX or not).

Schedule is here: if.seattle.wa.us/pax-2010/schedule/

Twitter is here: twitter.com/SeattleIF

We’ll know the Sheraton room # in a few hours and we’ll post it then. Hope to see you there!

Sheraton room 2516