IF Article in Juiced.GS June 2012

The most recent issue of quarterly Apple II print mag ‘Juiced GS’ reached me today. This is the only commercial Apple II print publication out there, and it’s in good health. This month’s even came with a 5.25 inch demo disk. I’m not a staff member of the magazine but I have contributed content to it a couple of times now.

I wrote an article for the current issue talking about what it was like transitioning from Eamon (Leadlight) to Inform 7 (Six) in one fell programming swoop. IFfers may enjoy this, though the only way to read it for now is to buy the magazine. Juiced.GS is a hardcopy-only publication and obviously not into doling out its new and exclusive content for free. So while I’m not here to encourage everyone to go buy a magazine they may generally have no interest in, I am letting you know the article is there.

Another Juiced.GS issue of IF interest is March 2011, which has Leadlight on the cover and a state-and-history-of-IF article inside, with me talking about Leadlight and horror, material from Andrew Plotkin, Tom Zuchowski (old Eamon), Frank Kunz (Eamon Deluxe), mention of Jason Scott and GET LAMP, etc.


  • Wade