IF Archive upgrade tonight

This evening (starting 7pm Eastern) we will be shifting ifarchive.org to a newer, slightly shinier, slightly smaller server. (Smaller in physical size, that is. It’s the size of a lunchbox. Twice as much disk space as the old server. Yay technology.)

We’re switching the DNS from one live server to another, so you should see no change whatsoever during the transition or after it. If you do notice a difference, please let us know.

Coming attractions: some time soon after the new server, we will be adding an RSS feed for new Archive additions.

I do notice that mirror.ifarchive.org seems to be returning a 403 forbidden for me now. The main site seems fine though.

Yes, the mirror domain was broken last night, but it’s fixed now. Thanks.

We managed to screw up the DNS for ifcomp.org/ as well. It’s currently pointing at an empty site - sorry about that. It will be back soon.